TODAY MONDAY 22nd JULY : Due to some works on our phone/data system you will be diverted to voice mail FROM 14:00 today -  PLEASE LEAVE A "DETAILED" MESSAGE and we shall return your call as soon as possible once the works are completed. Email messages will be responded to as soon as possible also. This does not affect orders you place on-line. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hot Tub Covers Blog

Is your hot tub cover still fit for purpose?

Spa Master – the top British company that manufactures and sells custom made hot tub covers and spa covers across the UK and Europe - is advising owners of hot tubs and spas to check the condition of their covers as soon as possible and definitely before the summer season is ... learn more

Take care when shopping for a new hot tub cover!

When renewing your hot tub cover or spa cover, it really does pay to shop carefully around the internet. That's the advice from Spa Master, a British company which makes and sells a huge range of such covers.   Paul Harrison, a Director of the Spa Master Business and website ... learn more
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