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Cover features & cover Options




The vinyls used on our covers is marine grade with more strength and resistence to UV than many vinyls used by competitors. The cover is sewn together using a 92lb bonded polyester thread treated for resistance to UV and mildew.

Our colour range is shown below:

hot tub cover colours

If you're interested in placing an order but are undecided or unsure of the colours, just give us a call and we'll send you some colour swatches with pleasure. (Please note: We don't offer vinyls with a strong red colour cast as these colours are less resistant to the damaging effects of UV).




Like most cover manufacturers we strengthen the foam inserts at the hinge. Unlike most manufacturers we use a galvanised steel 'C section' channel the same thickness of the foam.

Most covers are not reinforced to this standard; the usual practice is to use aluminium - a metal which has only a third of the strength of steel at the same thickness. Furthermore the 'C' channel will be only half the height of the foam and is 'fixed' in place by simply knocking it into the foam with a mallet.
This cheaper method creates a cover with less strength, has less resistance to 'bowing', and increases the likelihood that the parts of the foam split by the insertion of the 'C' section will start to break off.



Increasingly mindful of the seemingly ever-higher energy costs associated with running their hot tubs, customers are looking for covers with energy saving capabilities. Two factors govern a cover's heat insulation properties, the thickness of the foam and its density. Although it may look impressive thickness alone is no guarantee of good insulation  - many covers use low density foam and so however impressively thick they may appear their actual heat retention properties will be nothing special.

Where many suppliers use a 1lb foam (as measured by the weight per cubic foot), we use a good 1.5lb density foam even in our basic covers, but we offer 3 additional levels of insulation upgrade, each one bringing worthwhile energy-saving benefits. An investment in one of our Premium Insulation upgrades will pay for itself many times over.


Premium Level 1 Insulation: £44.50 (This should be a MINIMUM option for UK outdoor tubs - BUT 90% of customers select LEVEL 2 insulation in the UK).

With the Level 1 upgrade you get the same thickness cover as standard but the density increases from 1.5lb to 2lb foam thereby giving a significant increase in thermal value.


Premium Level 2 Insulation: £66.50

UK or similar climate? Reduce your bills more! (90% of UK customers choose this option)

If you live in the UK, your spa is situated outdoors (or in a light building with no proper heating) and you use your tub all year 'round then an investment in premium level 2 insulation upgrade will provide the best, most cost-effective solution.
This upgrade increases both the thickness (5" taper) and the density (2lb foam) over the standard cover giving a level of insulation that will pay for itself many times over. An ancillary benefit of this increased density and thickness is a stronger cover that is less prone to bowing or sagging over time.


Premium Level 3 Insulation: £113.70

For the coldest locations (or the most energy conscious everywhere!)

We provide hot tub and swim-spa covers throughout Europe, and for the very coldest locations we recommend Premium Level 3 insulation. This features the 'premium level' high density 2lb foam with a further increase in thickness to 6 inches, and affords the highest levels of insulation. This is ideal for ski resorts and countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland.

This cover has the strength to withstand reasonable coverages of snow, however more substantial loads of uncleared snow will require a further strengthening of the cover by the addition of a walk-on option (see below).

Due to the thick, bulky nature of this cover a cover-lifter is highly recommended.


Double Encapsulated Core: £34.75

Extend the life of your new cover


About 95% of cover failure is down to WATER INGRESSION & CONSEQUENTIAL SATURATION, causing the Core Insulation to become extremely heavy. As standard we use a 1.45K µ chemically resistant encapsulation barrier which is double-sealed. BUT - the combined effects of chemicals, high temperature, steam & UV radiation will eventually break ANY barrier down. This option provides an ADDITIONAL VAPOUR BARRIER LAYER - which has got to make sense! This can add 2 years or more to the life of a cover. NOTE: For the UK & similar climates this item is now mandatory on our system. NOTE: The DEC process can now be replaced at our discretion with a heat-sealed triple-thickness membrane 0f 6 mil as opposed to 2 mil. This system has been shown to offer benefits in trials reported in 2019. 


Express Service: £49.95

Get your order fast-tracked!


If you really must have your cover as soon as possible we have an express service which enables you to get your cover within 7 - 10 working days (UK customers only - parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland may take a few more days. Other destinations will take longer)

Please note: This service, by its very nature cannot be 'absolutely guaranteed' and may not be available all year round. We reserve the right to change the terms. If we fail to provide the service (in-line with our T&C's) what you have actually paid for this element will be refunded but we shall have no further liability whatsoever. Unfortunately the cover disposal service may also not be available with this service.


Old Cover Disposal Service: £49.50

Let us dispose of your old cover -


If you live in mainland England or Wales* we can dispose of your old cover.
*(Unfortunately this service is not available outside mainland England and Wales. Mainland England and Wales are covered by our own vehicles, outside of these areas covers are delivered by 3rd party carriers, with whom pickup of old covers is not available).

Please also note that choosing cover disposal in conjunction with express delivery may, on occasion, delay your order. This normally occurs when delivery is to one of the more remote locations of England or Wales, where logistical considerations make delivery by factory vehicle within the shorter timescale impossible. Normally in such circumstances a 3rd party carrier would be used to ensure timely delivery, however, as they won't pick up your old cover, the only option is to wait a few extra days for delivery by factory vehicle.




Continuous Hinge Seal: £29.95

Check this out - if you have it already order it again - If you don't be sure to add it in the UK or similar climates. Why not add an  EnergyGuard floating cover as well? 

Most hot tub covers use 'steam pads' (sometimes called 'steam fingers'). Located at each end of the hinge their sole function is to block steam from escaping from the gaps created by the hinge fold at either side of the cover.

A continuous hinge seal is essentially one long steam pad that extends the whole length of the hinge. It blocks steam from escaping but also provides insulation to the hinge area where otherwise there would be only vinyl. This option is useful in very cold climates where it will provide worthwhile heat-retention benefits, however, in more temperate climates (such as the UK), investing in an Energy Guard 500 Cover is likely to be a better energy-saving option.


Walk-on Cover option: £139.80

'Insurance' for your sunken or semi-sunken tub, or 'snow-load' situations

Our walk-on option reinforces the cover with strong double-walled polycarbonate sheeting, adding sufficient strength and weight-distributing rigidity to prevent disastrous damage should weight accidentally be applied, whether that involves someone walking, sitting or lying on the cover. It should be be noted that hot tub covers are not designed to bear the weight of people (or large pets) and so this upgrade should not be considered licence for deliberate, regular or repeated misuse, rather, it is essentially a 'fail-safe' in the event of inadvertent mishaps that would otherwise result in a damaged or broken cover.
There are three situations were this upgrade will prove particularly useful:

1) In holiday lets and other commercial environments where historically patrons do not always treat hot tub covers with the highest levels of respect.

2) On hot tubs or swim-spas that are partially or fully sunk into the ground or into decking. While aesthetically pleasing and convenient, one disadvantage inherent in this type of installation is that they're more prone to damage from large pets, children or even adults walking over the cover. Partially in-ground/in-decking tubs are more likely to sustain damage from people sitting on the cover.

3) In locations where heavy snow is prevalent this upgrade is highly recommended. Where immediate clearance is not always possible then this option becomes essential.

Please note: This option is not always available in conjunction with Express Service.


QUESTIONS? - Please call us between 9:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m. for expert advice - 7 days a week.


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