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Take care when shopping for a new hot tub cover!

When renewing your hot tub cover or spa cover, it really does pay to shop carefully around the internet. That's the advice from Spa Master, a British company which makes and sells a huge range of such covers.
Paul Harrison, a Director of the Spa Master Business and website https://www.spamaster.co.uk/ sells custom made hot tub covers and spa covers not just within the UK but across the whole of Europe. Earlier today, he spoke about the problems that hot tub and spa owners can experience when it comes to replacing their all-important covers.
“There are some pretty awful quality covers out there that are simply not up to the job,” warned Paul. As a rule of thumb (but not always the case) if a cover is ‘in stock’ available to be despatched offered in just a couple of colours – then the chances are that it’s Chinese. Built down to a price using inferior quality materials. “Durability is one key factor when it comes to replacement covers. Treated with care and where the chemical balance is well maintained a good quality cover should last for years but it seems some of them fail after a year or so – in fact we have replaced some Chinese covers after 10 months! People can forget just how hard a life it is for a cover – they are subjected to chemically charged steam and high temperatures on the underside & people can forget how harsh our British winters can be; so they need to make sure the cover is tough and durable enough to withstand a series of such extremes.”
It's not just durability that matters. With energy bills forming such a large component of people's budgets, they simply can't afford an ill-fitting cover or one that is poorly insulated, allowing the heat to escape into the surrounding environment.
Because Spa Master's customers come from a range of different environment across Europe, Paul knows only too well the importance of selecting the right cover for the owner's climate range.  “It's vital that hot tub and spa owners select the cover that works best for their particular location, environment, and climate & usage profile. For instance, the requirements of an owner living in the south of Spain will be vastly different from those of an owner located in Sweden!” he added. “When buying a replacement cover on the internet, owners should check the website offers a facility that will identify the best specification to meet their requirements. And the website should ideally offer 7 days a week telephone service so that owners can raise any issues or concerns directly with the company concerned.”  Readers will be pleased to note that Spa Master's website offers both services!
With more than 20 years' experience of making and selling hot tub covers and spa covers, it should come as no surprise that Spa Master is a company that is highly regarded not just within the industry but by their customers too. Spa Master uses only the highest quality materials available in the industry to provide its customers with covers of superior quality at prices that are genuinely affordable and offer real value for money.
Spa Master believe that it is their commitment to excellent customer service along with expert craftsmanship that has made them the top provider of hot tub and spa covers across the whole of UK and Europe.  The Spa Master website has recently been rebuilt, making it easier than ever for hot tub and spa owners to find the right specification for the covers and accessories they need. The site is now mobile-friendly too, meaning that Spa Master customers can enjoy a great browsing and shopping experience on the website via their mobile phones.

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