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Thermo-Master INSULATION Cover 12mm

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Thermo-Master INSULATION Cover 12mm - 212 cm X 212 cm

The Thermo-Master is constructed from two 6mm layers of cross-linked polyethylene foam with an ultra strong polyester scrim between and a polyethylene film over both outer surfaces. Made to ISO 2581 they provide 0.039 W/mk Thermal Conductivity at 40C.

In outdoor hot tubs, spas & swim-spas the Thermo-Master can be used in conjunction with a rigid cover, and this will considerably reduce the loss of energy by evaporation & subsequent condensation on the underside of the rigid cover. However, the Thermo-Master has significant additional heat retention properties in its own right, and so is able to reduce running costs further.

Indeed for indoor use, or outdoor spas and pools in warmer climates, a Thermo-Master may be sufficient as the main insulating cover (without the need for a rigid cover) although this will very much depend on the type of building they are used in, or the time of year etc. Can be easily trimmed to fit the size of your hot tub, (instructions included).

NOTE: These covers will not prevent rainwater, etc. from entering the tub.  Neither are designed or intended to stop children and animals getting access into a spa or hot tub etc. - in such circumstances a rigid cover with locks will still be required.

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