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EnergyGuard 500 Heat Retention Covers with GeoBubble technology- 234 X 234 cm

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NEW Energyguard 500 Heat Retention Covers with GeoBubble technology- 234 cm X 234 cm

Regardless of the heat retention capabilities of your hard cover, it can only insulate against heat lost by way of radiation. This in itself is a very worthwhile energy saving measure, but there is also another type of energy loss, unfortunately one that hard covers can do nothing about, and that is the process of evaporation and condensation that occurs in the space between the surface of the water and the underside of the cover.

The water in hot tubs is kept at high temperatures and steam is constantly rising off the water surface, condensing on the underside of the hard cover and then dripping back into the water as colder water - which in turn has to be reheated again. When your hard cover is on, this cycle of evaporation/condensation is constant, and can add significantly to the running costs.

Adding an Energyguard reduces water evaporation and has been shown to lower energy consumption by up to 50%.  It also helps to extend the life of a hot tub cover by reducing the amount of chemically charged steam condensing on its underside.  Users will see a reduction in both energy and chemical usage.
Tough and durable, the material contains UV stabilisers and chemical resistant pigments making it suitable for the harshest of European Climates.
The size listed is for a Hot Tub, size does not have to be exact as you can easily cut the cover down to the correct size with a sharp craft knife or scissors.

NOTE: This product should be used in conjunction with a hard cover, it is not an alternative/replacement for one - it does not prevent heat loss by radiation or prevent access to the tub for safety of children or animals, neither will it stop rainwater etc. A rigid cover will still be required.
If you wish to enjoy the benefits of an enyguard cover on your swimspa or swimming pool please call us for a quote.

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