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Is your hot tub cover still fit for purpose?

Spa Master – the top British company that manufactures and sells custom made hot tub covers and spa covers across the UK and Europe - is advising owners of hot tubs and spas to check the condition of their covers as soon as possible and definitely before the summer season is over.
Speaking earlier today, Customer Services Director, Paul Harrison, pointed out that the constant exposure to chemically charged steam and high temperatures on the inside along with bad weather and extremes of temperature on the outside can adversely affect the condition of these covers, causing them to deteriorate rapidly. This in turn can affect the performance and running costs of the hot tub itself.
“You'd be surprised at the number of people who rarely if ever check out the state of their hot tub cover,” he said. “They seem to assume it will last forever, but covers are a consumable item – something that hot tub retailers always fail to mention!  Unfortunately, they have a limited life, especially with poorer quality hot tub covers and spa covers that fail after a year or two.”
It would seem that the summer season is a good time to scrutinise these covers, as it allows owners the time they need to undertake a detailed examination and shop around for a possible replacement – preferably one that will stand up to the effects of sun, rain and snow while keeping the hot tub or spa water clean, maintaining that all-important energy bill at a reasonable level and ensuring that the spa or tub is looking as good as new.
“Owners can easily forget the importance of their cover. It has to provide effective insulation and heat retention of the water. It must prevent airborne debris from falling or being blown into the tub. And it must perform the key safety role of preventing people – especially children – from accessing the tub when the owner does not wish it!”
So, if your cover is no longer fit for purpose, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.  There's no point shelling out your hard-earned dosh for a magnificent hot tub or spa that's the envy of your neighbours and in which you can relax and unwind from all that stress of a hard day's work only to discover that the tub is damaged because it hasn't been adequately protected by a quality cover.
And, thanks to a major revamp of the Spa Master website, Paul now has a website that is both eye-catching and mobile- friendly. This means that many more hot tub and spa owners can now access the website via their mobile phones and achieve a great user experience, with all the key information easily accessible to meet their needs when deciding on that all-important cover.

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